WhenDidI Release 3.7.0

Version 3.7 of WhenDidI has just been released on play store. The update includes the following features

Chart Improvements

Previously charts were displayed with the latest (descending order) event first. Now it is possible to also display charts with the oldest (ascending) event first.

You can also set the date range displayed in the charts. To set this, go to
Settings -> Charts -> Date range for chart view

App Launcher Shortcut

WhenDidI now has app launcher shortcuts. This is only available for devices running android version 7.1 and above.

When long pressing the WhenDidI icon, a list appears contains the most recent 3 events. Clicking on one of these will start the add event dialog, enabling you to quickly add an event.

Adding categories button

An add category button has been added to the main screen categories section. This was added mainly for new users of WhenDidI, who may have found it difficult to find this dialog before.