Let WhenDidI alert you when an event is due

Alerts in WhenDidI remind you when a repetitive event is due. You can set an alert for any event category, and there are a variety of ways to trigger an alert, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly.

The alerts tab will let you manage the alerts. You can add, edit and delete alerts on this tab screen. Note to edit or delete an alert, long press on the alert row item.

Create an alert

An alert is created by navigating to the alerts tab, and clicking on the plus icon to add an alert. After choosing the category, the main add alert screen is displayed, which lets you set the alert occurrence details, description and notification settings.

Alert Occurrence Tab.

This section lets you set when and how often the alert occurs. There are four occurrence types.

Every Day

These are alerts that occur every day, or multiple times a day. You set a time that it is triggered. For multiple times a day, click on the add time button. An example of this alert is one that is triggered early in the morning, and late in the evening everyday.

Particular days every week

Use this alert type if you need a reminder for an event that occurs weekly on a particular day or days, at the specified time. For example, the alert should occur every Monday and Wednesday morning.

Particular dates every month

For reminders that occur every month, use this alert type. You can set multiple dates every month for this alert type to be triggered. For example, this alert can be triggered on the first day of each month.

Days after Last Event

This is useful alert for events that do not occur at specific times, but follow a more or less random occurrence. This alert is can be set to be triggered when the last event for the category occurred.
For example, you plan to mow the lawn roughly every 16 days. There is no set time of day, or days of the month when you want to mow the lawn. So this alert will trigger 16 days after the last time you mowed the lawn.

Description Tab

Here you can override the default name and description for the alert.

Notification Tab

In addition to displaying a standard notification, you may optionally also enable speech output. Enabling speech, will set WhenDidI to speak out the alert when the notification appears.

Note that the doze mode (link) feature introduced in Android v6.0, may cause delays in the speech output. You may need to the add WhenDidI to the doze mode white list.


Setting names for times of the day

In settings->alerts you can setup the names for the time of day. By default WhenDidI has the following names available.

8:00am  Before Work
9:00am  Early Morning
12:00pm Lunch Time
6:00pm  Evening
10:00pm Night

You can add additional time names to suit your own times, e.g. after work.

To edit or delete the times, long press

Alert Click Action

When clicking on an alert in the alerts tab, this setting set the action to add an event associated with the alert, or list the events.