Backing up your data

To safeguard data loss through accidental deletion, or lost phone, WhenDidI offers a number of backup options.

All backup options can be access from the menu on the main screen, or from the navigation bar.

Local Backup

This backup stores the data on the device itself. It is stored in a folder called whendidi, and is called whendidbk.json.

This backup is accessible from both WhenDidI and WhenDidI Lite. This is one way to transfer data from the Lite the Paid version, though the Transfer Feature in WhenDidI is the recommended solution.

Note that local backup has an option to save your data automatically every midnight. You can enable this feature in the settings at

Settings > Backup > Auto local backup

Dropbox Backup

If you are upgrading your phone, or have lost it, this backup option stores your WhenDidI data on the Dropbox servers. It is advisable to register yourself on the Dropbox website before using this backup facility in WhenDidI.

The backup file are stored in the following folders

WhenDidI: Dropbox > Apps > WhenDidI
WhenDidI Lite :Dropbox > Apps > WhenDidILite
Note that due to access restrictions in the Dropbox API, the WhenDiDI Lite and WhenDidI Paid backups are not accessible to each other.

Google Drive Backup

This is similar in concept to Dropbox, but instead stores your files in your Google Drive folders.

The folders are
WhenDidI: /whendidi
WhenDidI Lite : /whendidlite