Getting Started – Adding a new category

WhenDidI is an event tracker. It allow tracking of your own custom events by various user definable measurements, such as quantity, price or just a simple counter.

Adding you own categories

WhenDidI is pre-installed with a number of example categories. You can add your own category from the main screen, by selecting the tab more, and clicking on the icon ‘edit categories’.



Click on the plus icon to bring up the add category screen.


In the name field, type the name of the categories. Note that this can be renamed at anytime.

The type lets you define what is the type of measurement being entered.

Counter – Just counts how often the event occurs.

Quantity – an amount of some measurement  e.g. duration, volume

Price – an amount of currency

Quantity and Price – a combination of quantity and price

The description field can be left blank if you do not need to add additional information.

Clicking on the accept button will add the category to WhenDidI.

Add event to category.

To add an event to the new category, go back to the main screen and click on the categories tab.


You will see the category you have just added in the list. Click on the plus icon to add an event. This brings up an add event screen that can be used fill in details of the event, and add the new event after pressing the accept icon (Tick box on top right).